How to Spot a Fake Spicy Shelf® Deluxe

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Because of the quality and popularity of the new Spicy Shelf® Deluxe, some less than reputable sellers are posting listings and delivering illegally sourced, poor quality, Chinese knockoffs and trying to pass them off as legit (they are also doing this for the original Spicy Shelf® as well).

Why do you want the REAL thing? Well, aside from the fact that nobody can beat our prices, here are some reviews from fake providers:

  • ☹ "Very flimsy." [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]
  • ☹ " took 6 weeks to arrive." [The REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe arrives MUCH sooner]
  • ☹ "..the plastic forming was bad...rickety." [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]
  • ☹ "I was told to return it to China." [Returns of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe are all US based]
  • ☹ "lots of parts cheaply built . does not lay flat on all four legs." [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]
  • ☹ "Received box damaged and was missing lots of pieces. Had to send it back. I feel like I was sent merchandise that was probably already returned by someone else." [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]
  • ☹ " wasn't sturdy enough to hold any glass spice jars on the shelf (most of my spices come in glass rather than plastic). Even without any weight, the unit sagged. Sadly, I returned it." [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]
  • ☹ "Awful!" [Cannot be said of a REAL Spicy Shelf® Deluxe]

Convinced? Keep in mind, shady sellers may display false or misleading product titles, descriptions & images to get you to buy. So, here are 5 ways to make sure your Spicy Shelf® Deluxe is REAL.

  • ✔ "Ships from and sold by Infomercials Inc." wording will be just above the product bullet points. We are the exclusive distributor of the new Spicy Shelf® Deluxe. If someone's selling it, they got it from us. If not, they're fakes.
  • ✔ If shopping on Amazon, the ONLY ASIN for a real product will be B071YZP8V6. You can simply search for this number to find it.
  • ✔ If you already have the product, the main shelves have a grey rubber "non-slip" surface to help items stay put.
  • ✔ The main shelves have these patent numbers on the bottom: 9,010,552, 9,198,513, 9,220,341, D696,540, D746,087
  • ✔ The back of the box shows UPC Bar Code Number 858867004262 as well as the patent numbers above & "Distributed by Infomercials, Inc."
  • ✔ The original Spicy Shelf® will have the Spicy Shelf® logo on the top of both main shelves.
  • ✔ Does not sag.


  • ♥ New and improved Spicy Shelf® Deluxe! 5 times stronger than the original. Now holds up to 40 pounds and has a "non-slip" surface!
  • ♥ Spicy Shelf® Deluxe is not just for Spices. With over a million already sold, satisfied customers everywhere are using their Spicy Shelf® to organize EVERYTHING in their cabinets! Spices, pill & supplement bottles, medicine bottles, fingernail polish, crafts, nuts and bolts in your garage, and more!
  • ♥ One set of 2 shelves. Stackable, or side by side. 2 different size legs for short or tall spice bottles.
  • ♥ Organize up to 64 spices and see them all at a glance! Spicy Shelf® Deluxe is the ultimate stackable cabinet organizer! It can turn a mess of spices into an organized masterpiece!

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